Ulcer Aide

1/2 Gallon: $40.00

1 Gallon
: $75.00

Case - 4 Gallons : $296.00

Case - 6 Half Gallons: $245.00

Stomach repair, promotes healing, inhibits Bacteria, intestinal repair and protects stomach lining.

Aloe Vera: Soothes stomach irritation, aids in healing, pain relief while having laxative properties.

Bio Flavoniods: Help reduce pain and swelling. Bio Flavoniods have an antibacterial effect.

Bromelain: An enzyme from papaya that improves digestion and relieves digestion symptoms.

Calcium Lactate: Calcium lactate is used in many functions: muscle contraction, cardiovascular system, cell division, healthy immune function, the production of saliva, and enzyme activity and for the production and activity of hormones involved in digestion, energy and fat metabolism. It is also involved in the transport of nutrients and other substances across cell membranes.

Colostrum: Colostrum is rich in immunoglobulins (antibodies), growth factors, various proteins, and enzymes.

Deglycyrrhiza-Glabri-Linn: (deglycyrrhizinated licorice) Promotes healing of gastric and duodenal ulcers.

L-Glutamine: Helps with the maintenance of a healthy digestive tract. L-Glutamine is helpful in treatment of peptic ulcers.

Magnesium Hydroxide: Magnesium hydroxide is used as an antacid and relief of upset stomach.

Mangifera Indica: It has antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immuno-corrective properties.
Marshmallow: Soothes inflamed mucous membranes of the stomach. Excellent for treatment of ulcers.

Papain: Papain has a mild, soothing effect on the stomach and aids in protein digestion. Papain has been employed to treat ulcers, dissolve membranes in diphtheria, and reduce swelling.

Pro Biotic Complex: Research has shown that Pro Biotic Complex blend work together to lower intestinal pH, reestablish essential flora, and enhance vitamin and mineral absorption, particularly in the large intestine. Lactobacillus acidophilus can also assist in protecting the mucosal membrane from pathogenic yeast and bacterial overgrowth through its ability to adhere to and colonize the intestinal tract.

Slippery Elm Bark: Soothes inflamed mucous membranes of the stomach. Excellent for treatment of ulcers.

Vitamin A: Strengthens cell walls to protect against invasion by bacteria and promote tissue repair. Powerful antioxidant that promotes healing!

Vitamin E: Enhances the immune system and promotes healing. Important in circulation and tissue oxygenation.
Zinc: Promotes a healthy immune system and the healing of wounds.

Sizes available
1/2 gallon
1 gallon
larger sizes available on request

Pure Milk Thistle

5 lbs: $75.00

20 lbs: $260.00

Milk Thistle:  is best known as a producer of liver protectant known as silymarin, a group of milk thistle flavonoid.  Silymarin is known to protect the liver by altering and strengthening the structure of outer cell membranes of hepatocytes (liver cells), preventing toxins from entering the liver cells, and by stimulating the regenerative ability of the liver and the formation of new hepatocytes through the activation of an enzyme nucleolar polymerase A, which leads to the increase in ribosomal protein synthesis and cell division.  Silymarin, as an anti-oxidant, may also reduce damages to liver cells caused by chronic use of certain prescription drugs.  The silybin component of silymarin has been related to cholesterol-lowering effects.  Through the capability to increase bile solubility, silymarin may also help prevent or alleviate gallstones.


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