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Rancho las Lomas Wildlife Foundation

Rancho Las Lomas is an open-air museum that lives, breathes, squawks and growls. Our dedication is to educate and inspire the community about the wonders of the natural world, while helping all realize every creature of this planet deserves the right to live with compassion and respect. Our mission is to provide the best home possible for the animals in our care. Our hope is that this collection of exotic creatures will touch your call of the wild and engage you to become an advocate with us.

Our Purpose

Rancho Las Lomas Wildlife Foundation (RLLWF) is a non-profit dedicated to the creation of a crucial link between people, animals, and the preservation of nature. RLLWF is established to create a beautiful place for people to connect with the wild in our world, and demonstrate ways by which all can make a positive contribution to the environment.

Program Activities

RLLWF operates from the grounds of the beautiful Rancho Las Lomas located in the foothills of Orange County California. The property encompasses over 50 acres in the midst of urbanization. The unique setting creates an ideal opportunity to attract visitors while promoting wildlife protection and education.


  • Interpret and foster awareness of wild animals and their environment through exhibits, programs and events such as our collaborative work with Irvine Unified School District. RLLWF has hosted local educators in teacher training that complimented our Endangered Species Program. In this program designed for 4th grade students and aligned to CA State Standards for science staff visits Irvine USD schools and presents a program discussing the conservation of endangered species, specifically the plight of tigers. Annually we reach over 300 children with this program.
  • RLLWF also plays host to a number of charitable organizations in which the role of wildlife and a healthy ecosystem is presented. Children from groups such as Project Hope, Girls Inc., The Boy Scouts of America and the Orangewood Foundation have utilized the staff, animal collection at Ranch Las Lomas to not only have a beautiful event, but provide an impactful and important educational opportunity. It is when children are having fun that they learn the most. RLLWF strives to make a meaningful experience turn into real ways everyone can help take care of the planet and our wildlife. During these events we reach over 10,000 people annually.

As funds are available RLLWF will establish on going programs including:


  • Providing financial support for in-situ wildlife conservation projects.


  • Provide conservationists and researchers outreach opportunities in order to facilitate a vital link between people outside of academia and the wild ecosystems in need of preservation.




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