These are only a few, of our satisfied customers Worldwide!

2006 - Invasor - Eclipse Award Winner
“Horse of the Year”

2006 - Invasor - Winner Breeders Cup Classic

2007 - Invasor - Winner Dubai World Cup

2006 - Jazil - Winner Belmont Stakes

2007 – Flashy Bull - Stephen Foster Super

2007 – Lear's Princess - Gazelle Stakes

2007 - Shakespeare - Woodbine Mile Victory

“I’ve used numerous joint supplements over the years and it’s usually very hard to measure the results.  When I switched all of the horses in my barn to Nu Step Liquid the results were evident immediately.  Horses that were having soundness problems were doing much better.  Flashy Bull has been in training with me for two years.  After the 2006 Kentucky Derby he developed soundness issues that we weren’t very successful in treating.  Since he has been on Nu Step Liquid he has won in his last four starts. The last one being the $750,000.00 Stephen Foster Handicap at Churchill Downs on June 16.”

Kiaran McLaughlin - 2006 - Eclipse Award Finalist Trainer of the Year



Just want to let you all know that we did see a difference with your product. It did have a calming effect on a few of our high stress mares.

Hello Jon,
We have combined your B1 product with your Ulcer product and have seen improvements after the first 2 months. We will continue on them as long as we feel they are necessary. We would also like to thank you for all your help and guidance.
Bob and Amy


Great products! Please continue my shipments. I have noticed a tremendous improvement with your biotin product. Yours is the best out there. Continue the good work.

Please send another 20lb. container of your biotin product. We are happy with the results.

I have enclosed your order form along with a check for another bucket of your biotin product. We like what we see.


We just wanted to drop you a quick thank you and let you know how pleased we are with your products. We feel very satisfied with you multi vitamin product complete. We have stopped adding other products to our feed and just use yours now.
Keep up the good work and stay focused and your products will remain the industry standard!

We have been sold on your other liquid products so we incorporated your liquid complete into our feed program and are happy with the results.
Thank you


We are very pleased with your flex product. We find it very effective and affordable as well.
Yours truly,
Cream Ridge

Hello Nutra Cell Labs,
Your Product works!!!. I tried other joint supplements and they worked okay, but they cost more $$$ and they were not really worth the extra $$ Please keep up the great work.

Nutra cell,
Well it has been 3 months on your product, and we are sold!
Thanks again,
Santa Monica

Hello All.
All of our thoroughbreds are now on your Flex max. We have to confess that were not sure to try them all on it, but after our lengthy conversation with had with your company, we went for it. We even use it on the ones not racing yet just to keep them healthy. We are very pleased with your products and will continue to use them.
Santa Anita


I would like to thank you for a great product. I could see a difference within 2 days, more energy! It just what the doctor ordered (so to speak).
Denver, CO.

Please send me another 5 - 20lbs. containers of Lyte Speed. I have seen great results using your product.

Dear NCL,
Thank you once again for responding to all my questions. I would also like to order another 2 20lbs. containers of your LyteSpeed. I will try to send you a few pictures for your testimonial page as well.
Yours Truly,

Dear Nutra Cell Labs,
I have enclosed a check for another 20 lb. size of your electro product. I am very pleased with the results I see. I would also like to try a 20lb. size your biotin product as well.


Nu Cell
We would like to increase our monthly order to 4 cases (16 gallons) of your Blood builder. We have noticed a substantial difference in energy and stamina within a week's time. We plan on using it on all of our horses.
PS please send us sample of your d-biotin that we spoke about the other day.

This stuff works. I must say I had my doubts in the beginning, but I am sold now. Please send me a case of your liquid blood builder.
Cynthia PA

We have used many products that claim everything and anything, but I must say your product works. I would like to have monthly shipments of your equine products and make sure you include your "GREAT" blood builder product.

Dear NutraCell,
I have enclosed a check for another 2 gallons of your blood builder product. I would also like to add a 5lb. container your flex max product as well. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call.
Yours Truly,
Mary Lynn


Hello Nutra Cell,
Wow what a product. I tried other liquid joint supplements and they worked, but never like yours! And they cost more. Please do not raise your price. Yours product works just like your slogan." Results…. Naturally"

Nutra cell,
We have been using your product for the past 6 months, and we must say that in a little over 3 weeks time we saw results. We are sold.
Thank you again,
Bob and Mary
Santa Barbara

Hello All.
Forget the rest, yours is the BEST!! What a product. NuStep Joint Fluid does the job and more. All of our thoroughbreds are on your product. We even use on all of them just to prevent and possible problems down the road. It's much cheaper than having problems and calling our vet!!




Hello and thank you again for all your time and interest in our kennel. Well the time has come to move up in size. The 5 lb. containers are going to fast! Please start us on your 20 lb. container, as well as a case of your trial size for all of our customers. I think it works out great handing out a trial size to every puppy when he or she leaves with his or her new owners. I just wanted to tell you that your independent distributor program is working out very well.
PS: I have enclosed a picture of our newest members of the family!!
Thank You,

I wanted to thank you for your fast and courteous service. I actually received your product a day earlier than you promised. I just hate to see my baby out of your product. This time I bought an extra one to keep on hand so I never run out. I will call you when I get a chance and set up the auto ship program you mentioned, it sounds great to me. I have also enclosed a picture of  Mingo for you to see how well he is doing.

Hap is a 13year old male yellow lab. I have been feeding him Complete Canine for well over 8year's now with great results. He loves the taste of the powder so much, that when he is good, (which is most of the time), I give him a treat which is straight powder mixed with water and he LOVES it! I have noticed that he seems more alert and looks healthier, along with having a softer and shinier coat. We take a lot of walks in the woods and he also never seems to have a problems with ticks and fleas any more. Thank you Nutra Cell! 
Horizon Happy Go Lucky 
CJ , NJ 
Breeder: Horizon Labradors (201) 828-8821

Hello Staff!!
I have enclosed a check for another 2 lb. container of your dog product. I would also like to start on your auto ship and save 10% as well. Enclosed you will find the name and address of our local animal shelter. Please donate 10% of my purchase as in the past.
"The Boys"

Hello NCL.
Well its time again. Please send us another 5 lb. container. We have been very happy with how well our dogs are doing and we must thank you since we have not changed any thing else in our dogs diet. You have us for life long customers.
Bob and Debbie

 Dear NutraCell,
I have enclosed a check for a 2 lb. container of Complete. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from our local rescue.

We are very impressed with the results. Please send us another 2 lb. container of Complete dog for our Terriers.
Lizzy and Tony

I just wanted to tell you how well our dogs are doing on your Blood builder plus. I was a little but unsure when you mentioned how well your horse products work with dogs, but not any more. It is very help full during stress full times. We have used electrolyte product form another company, but it never seemed to help as much as it claims. Your product works!
Thank You,





Hello All,
As promised, enclosed is a picture of my "baby". He means the world to me. I would clone him if at all possible. I could not ask for more of a loving friend. He is always there when I need him. I have noticed how great  his coat looks, it now glistens and is softer than ever since using your Complete Feline. He loves to eat it straight from the container. I have passed along your brochures to many friends including my local vet, since he also was impressed on how healthy and generally speaking how great my baby is doing. Your product has also saved me about $150 a year, off of my average vet expenses. Just to let you know, I am not to interested in how much I can save but on how healthy my baby is. Please keep up your great work and passion for animals, and I look forward to having another one of our wonderful conversations as always.
Yours Truly,


Midnight loves your Complete Feline! I could see a difference within 3 weeks time. Her coat is softer, and it has never glistened like it does now. She even acts friskier, almost like she is a kitten all over again. Please continue with your autoship program, so I never run out.
New Jersey
Carrie loves your product. I was surprised by all the comments from my friends who tell me how great she looks and how soft she feels. I have used various other supplements, but to this day NONE have worked as good as Nutraplus.


I have adopted 3 strays, Mom and her two kittens, approximately  8 years ago. All three live outside 98% of the time. They have been fed Nutra Cell's product, Nutraplus Cat, for the past 7 years. I attribute their excellent health all to Nutra Cell's all natural products. They are healthy, and have beautiful soft and full coats.  Their health is excellent and they never have any fleas or ticks. Friends are always amazed at how well the look and feel, and are in disbelief that they are outdoor cats! All this and they live outdoors, unless the weather is real bad do they choose to come inside. Thank you, Nutra Cell. 
G.B., Red Bank, NJ

Dear Blake,
I have enclosed a check for our monthly 5 lb. of Nutraplus cat. I would also like to start off on your auto ship program and have you ship a 5 lb. every other month and save 10%. Please send me information on your independent distributor program as well. We have had great results using Nutraplus and believe me we have tried "Everything" else on the market. We're sold!
Yours truly,

Hello again Blake. Kitty is doing great, her health seems to be improving better everyday that she is on your product. We also would like extra brochures along with info on your independent distributor package.
I have enclosed a check for another 2 containers. Please send 1 lb. cat and 2 lb. dog. Our family is doing well on your product.
"the Girls"

Hello NCL.
Enclosed is our latest addition to our family. This pictures was taken when the girls were around 6 weeks old. As you can see from the picture they do not want to be disturbed when they are eating Complete Feline. They love your product. Looks like we will have to increase our monthly order due to our family expanding. I once again must stress how great everybody is doing on your product. You should expect to receive many inquiries due to the fact that everybody loves our boys and girls and we receive many complements, and we tell everybody about your product.
Thank you once again, and keep up your great work, love and devotion for animals.
God Bless,

We are ready for another 5 lb. of your cat vitamins, Complete. All of our cats are doing great. We can definitely notice a difference. They all seem to have a healthy appetite and less fleas and ticks, and that goes for the strays as well!

I just wanted to let you know that my cat's free sample of Nutra Cell just came in the mail. I opened the envelope, scanned the brochure, and set everything aside. Shortly thereafter, I heard the rustling of papers on the table, tipping me off to the fact that tol (short for Ptolemy) was on the table. I found him tearing open the sample packet in an effort to eat the vitamins! I mixed up what was left and poured it on his dry food. Tol loves it! I'll be ordering some when I get my next paycheck. Seeing (or is that eating?) is believing! 
Mary Ann 
Louisville, KY.



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